• Weight Loss
    "I have suffered from being obese practically my entire life.. I was told I had issues with my thyroid by my doctor at a very young age.. But I decided to give Body Rx a try ever since my friend told me about them. They customized everything, my diet, foods, stress management to what exercises to do. I have lost 42lbs in 6months. Something I never thought would be possible. I'm living a new life! Thank you guys very much!" -Hugo
  • Hormone Therapy
    "Never really believed HRT worked for me at my age, 55. But after my wife and I treated for 3-4 months, our sex life is amazing and our energy is off the roof! We are both active and enjoying life exactly how they said we would! Our hormones are pretty much at the optimum level! Thank you guys for changing our lives!!!" -Robert & Kendra
  • skin care
    Promote tight, wrinkle-free skin naturally with our PRP therapy at Body Rx Anti-Aging!
  • Doctor Supervised
    Without the guidance of a certified doctor, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly why your body isn’t behaving the way it’s suppose to be.

Body Rx Anti-Aging established since 2006 is a full service medical spa and wellness center, practicing anti-aging preventive medicine.

With advancement of medicine and technology, Body Rx Anti-Aging is contributing to a major scientific breakthrough: slowing the process of aging.



With age comes a burden on the body- your beginning to fall apart, but you can restore the old part with biotechnology. We offer Medical weight loss programs, Bio identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Body Sculpting and we do not have a one size fits all approach.

Without the guidance of a certified doctor, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly why your body isn’t behaving the way it’s suppose to be. Everyone is different so there’s no one method that solves everything. That’s why weight loss programs don’t work. They only fix one type of person!

Our certified doctors customize a special program just for you. We identify exactly what the problem is and fix it. We monitor your progress and make sure you get the results you asked for whether it’s a weight loss issue or  hormonal imbalances that cause various issues.

All of our services and treatments are performed under the direct supervision by our board certified physicians, and performed by our registered nurses, medical assistants, licensed esthetician, and physical therapist.

 ”Our goal is to help people reach optimal health, so they can enjoy more out of life”


My wife and I both did hormone replacement therapy with Body RX. It was great. We feel great. Our sex life is much better now!”

Allen Jackson

Thanks to Body RX Anti-Aging for their outstanding professionalism, I feel 20 years younger.

Larry Smoot, 61

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