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treating root cause not symptoms

Treating the root cause, not symptoms

A traditional doctor will treat your symptoms by prescribing arbitrary medications without knowing what's happening inside you. We'll identify most of the root causes of your symptoms by providing hormonal, gut, and micronutrient tests. This medical approach will help us treat you and help you focus on your overall quality of life.

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100% Personalized to you

If you've ever experienced the frustration of visiting a doctor's office, you'll know it's unpleasant. From getting an appointment to waiting in a crowded lobby, getting treated like a number is never a good experience. Here at Body RX, you'll get the best personalized treatment and service because we treat every patient like family.

Body RX is a complete Medical Center specializing in preventative health.

Our mission is to help you reach optimal health and a better overall quality of life without unnecessary drugs and surgeries. We go further than solely focusing on symptoms; we work on the intracellular level by providing advanced wellness treatments that enhance your overall quality of life.

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Our Process

Our personalized approach to your wellness begins with a brief phone consultation by one of our patient care advocates. We treat every patient with an unmatched level of attention and care.

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1. Initial Consultation

The first step in your journey toward a better quality of life begins with an initial phone consultation with one of our Patient Care Advocates. We'll go over preliminary information and answer questions you may have before the visit.

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2. Bio-Marker Testing

Once you're ready, we'll schedule an appointment for you to receive some of the most advanced bio-marker tests in the market which will help us identify your vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, your hormone levels, and other important bio-markers.

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3. Doctor Visit

After your test results are in, you'll get an appointment to see one of the top specialists in hormone medicine and wellness, Dr. George Herrera, M.D. You'll go over your medical history, test results, and the doctor will recommend a personalized wellness plan, which includes a one-of-a-kind monitoring program.

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary depending on the individual patient, medical history, and other factors. Patients must maintain good nutritional and sleep habits. Persons with serious health conditions should speak to their primary care provider before beginning a new medical treatment.

Meet the Body RX Team

bodyrx doctor george herrera, m.d.

Dr. George Herrera, M.D., OB/GYN, FACIP

One of the top specialists in hormone therapy and wellness for men and women, Dr. George Herrera has helped to empower countless patients with the knowledge and treatments they need to find success in their wellness journey.

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