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Here at Body RX Anti-Aging, our board-certified doctors, executives, specially trained nurses and staff all work hard to exceed our patients’ expectations, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Whether a long-time patient, or a first-time visitor, you’ll experience one of the highest-rated customer service experiences at a South Florida anti-aging clinic while we help you develop the customized plan that fits your goals and medical needs.



Dr, George Herrera, MD Body RX Miami, FL

Dr. George Herrera, M.D.


Education: Resident Doctor New Jersey Medical School (1986). Fellow, Interamerican College of Physicians & Surgeons (1990),

Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

30 years of experience in medicine, Dr. Herrera is an OB/GYN and an expert in the area of Anti-Aging medicine.

Dr. Moises Irizarry-Roman, M.D. 
Sports Medicine Specialist
specialized wellness Expert


Steven Sevilla

Chief Executive Officer


Regina Sevilla Bodyrx Miami

Regina Sevilla

Chief Operating Officer




JP Hernandez

University of Florida (2002)
Business Administration
Patient Advocate



Marisol Ojeda




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