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Accessibility: Personalized Experience Includes Direct Access to Body RX Owner

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steven and regina sevilla body rx miami, flWhen you’re visiting a wellness optimization clinic like Body RX, you want to make sure your treatment plan is personalized, or designed specifically to meet your needs.

This means the following personal information will be considered when you’re being treated at Body RX:

  • Past medical history
  • Current medications
  • Current health, sleep, and nutritional habits
  • Micronutrient Test, Complete Hormonal Blood Panel, Gut Test results
  • Future wellness goals and other special circumstances

This level of personalized service has helped our patients get an unmatched level of success rate and patient satisfaction rates, but what about the experience during and after your visit, customer service, feedback monitoring, and customer resolution process?

Many competitors simply lack the level of customer service we provide to our patients, resulting in lack of communication, low satisfaction rates, and a bad result for the patient.

We at Body RX are proud to detail what you’ll get as a patient and how our policies ensure your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Personalized Experience at Body RX

Our process for new patients is the following:

  1. Initial Phone Consultation
  2. Bloodwork and consultation with Patient Care Advocate
  3. Doctor Consultation
  4. Treatment and Monitoring

From the moment you visit one of our locations, you’re greeted by a friendly staff member which will help you get signed in. If it’s your first time, we’ll answer questions and assign you to one of our Patient Care Advocates which will go over our options for helping you be healthir and have a better quality of life. We’ll normally recommend you visit us fasting so you can get your bloodwork done. This will include comprehensive blood tests to take the guessing game out of analyzing your health.

Finally, you’ll get a doctors consultation in which our own Dr. George Herrera will review the results of your tests with you and provide a personalized treatment plan. Once you decide which treatment plan options work best for you, we’ll give you a welcome kit and instructions for starting  your new journey.

A key component of your treatment includes monitoring and having the direct access to a 24/7 hotline for patients.

Direct Access to Owner Steven Sevilla

As a patient at Body RX, you’ll get personalized monitoring and access to the Owner at Body RX, Steven Sevilla. You’ll be able to text, video conference, or call Steven at any time with any patient need.

Why is it important to have such access? 

With direct access to the owner, patients can get answers to important questions, and solve any issues or complaints faster. While other clinics have “complaint policies” which may be borderline ridiculous, we at Body RX welcome feedback and we are always striving to be better for  you, the patient.

Any complaints are immediately reviewed by the office manager and the owner, but rest assured, due to our high customer satisfaction rate, we hardly ever get any complaints!

Who is Steven Sevilla?

steven sevilla owner at body rx miamiSteven Sevilla is the Owner, President, and CEO of Body RX Miami and Body RX Coral Gables. With over 20 years of experience in the medical, wellness, and health optimization industry, Steven is one of the pioneers of health optimization in South Florida. He’s helped tens of thousands of individuals from all ages and backrgounds to learn about health as a lifestyle, improve their habits, and get needed treatment by some of the top medical doctors and hormone specialists in South Florida.

Steven’s passion is the health of people from all walks of life, and is a reliable and proven partner for the thousands of active patients at Body RX that trust us with their health and improvement of their overall quality of life.

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