Cancer Signal Testing in Miami, FL

With a simple blood draw, we can help you detect a shared cancer signal across more than 50 types of cancers, available now at our medical clinic locations throughout Miami-Dade.

Early Detection is Key

We’ve partnered with one of the top biotech companies pioneering cancer diagnostic solutions to provide you with one of the best early cancer signal detection tests. This test will allow you to test for shared signals for cancers that patients rarely get tested for today.

Why the Galleri® Test?

Did you know, 70% of cancer deaths are caused by cancers commonly not screened for? The Galleri test can detect a cancer signal across over 50 types of cancer with a simple blood draw.

Test Limitations

This test is intended to be used in addition to, not replace, other cancer screening tests your healthcare provider recommends. False and positive results may occur. Positive test result is not a cancer diagnosis.

Is the cancer signal detection test right for me?

Call our Miami health optimization clinic today to schedule an initial consultation to see if you are a candidate for this cancer signal test.

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