Multi-Vitamins: Why you need them

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Are you taking care of your mind body and soul? Multi-vitamins are a basic for most people wanting to maintain or improve their health. Why? Because the quality of the food we eat does not give us all the vitamins and minerals we need.

The production of food is driven, like most of the world by supply and demand. Those people that lead busy lives tend to downplay the importance of quality food in exchange for enough time for everything. The demand in food production is quick, easy and filling. Getting enough calories is important but if the quality is not there then people still fight a losing battle.

In the high stress day to day world most people function in, food is sometimes the last thing that is made time for. ”We can eat later.” Often times trying to squeeze in all the things people have scheduled into their busy 1/2 hour or hour lunch leaves very little time for the thing we should be making a priority. When meals are skipped nutrient and mineral levels fall, used up by the process of living and the body goes without. In addition, it is not just going without. The body is a machine that requires certain nutrients and minerals to run and it will stop at nothing to get it. Up to and including eating itself. If nutrients minerals and vitamins are not provided, the body will get it where it can.

What needs to happen is an analysis of where the body is nutritionally and what it is deficient in. Multi-vitamins and vitamin supplements all work in various ways. Some get used up in interaction with other vitamins, minerals or nutrients. Taking supplemental B vitamins will not help if they are being taken incorrectly or if they are mixed with other vitamins that break down the content before it is absorbed.

If a person is eating and exercising healthily yet finding themselves excessively tired, lethargic or worn out, you may be neglecting core requirements your body needs. Ask the doctor about Vitamin therapies. B vitamins in particular aid in many areas of health maintenance as well as digestion and absorption of other vitamins nutrients and minerals.

Talk to a doctor about a vitamin plan built designed to suit your personal needs. Proper vitamin intake will improve memory, improve focus and overall health.