Saving Up for Hormonal Replacement Therapy

The number of people going to hospitals and clinics to ask for HRT is increasing. According to statistics, the market for this type of therapy will continue to grow in the following years.

Back in 2007, it nearly reached $16 million in earnings. This year, it has a very huge possibility of reaching the $30 million mark.

Sure, there are specific hormones which are not so popular anymore because new findings state that these have negative effects on one’s body. But as a whole, more and more people are seeing the value of starting or continuing their current HRT.

What is HRT?

HRT stands for Hormonal Replacement Therapy. This is basically the replenishment of certain hormones in the body which have decreased in amount. Some of the most common hormonal replacement is done by giving oral medications. But for faster and more efficient results, other doctors choose to inject the (most of the time) synthetic form through the muscle or straight into the blood vessels.

Is This Right for You?

You have probably read some forum posts which state that HRT can be done at home. They bank on the fact that there are several synthetic hormones and injectable medications which can be bought on the internet and that instructions for use can be downloaded very easily online.

But do take note that not everyone can actually undergo this sort of therapy. Those who are suspected of having hormonal imbalances will still need to have diagnostic tests to ascertain that there is a problem.

Even menopausal women who should definitely get HRT as soon as they feel the signs and symptoms are encouraged to go to their OB-GYNs to get prescribed with the most appropriate medication.

How Much Will I Spend for This?

HRT prices will depend on what kind of hormone is to be replaced in your body. Let us give you the most common kinds of HRT:

The wide price range is due to the pharmaceutical brand of the medication. Naturally, generic ones are less expensive. The form of medication (cream, gel, pill, nasal spray or injectable) also has an effect on the actual cost of the therapy.

This is one of the cheapest since a lot of women buy estrogen and progesterone pills, whether it’s for replacement to alleviate the irritating symptoms of menopause or as contraceptives.

Testosterone replacement, on the other hand, is way more expensive. Some clinics peg its price at $200, minimum. It is pricier because it consists of three different medications. Besides Testosterone, you should also take in HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and Anastrozole.

The cost of HGH or Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy will depend on various things like dosage, the strength of the medication and the place where it was made.

This is not just used by individuals who lack the hormone. It is also bought by body builders, fitness buffs and some athletes. Your health has no price. Feeling good and accomplishing more in life is our vision for every patient that gets treated with us. Feeling amazing and young should never have a price.

Importance of Continued Use

One of the things that endocrinologists tell their patients not to forget is the need for continued hormonal replacement. These are very helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms which you may feel but if you stop this, the symptoms may reoccur. And they may get worse.

Now that you know how much HRT costs (and how expensive it can get), it is very important that you save for it so that you don’t get to terminate its use.

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