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Accurate Testostereone Blood Testing

Feeling the effects of low testosterone and looking for a blood test to check your testosterone levels? Our Miami testosterone clinic has two locations and over 12 years of experience helping patients get accurate blood test results for identifying and treating hormonal level issues for men.

We’re the #1 Choice for Countless of Happy Patients in Miami and all over the United States and Abroad!

Getting tested and treated for Low-Testosterone shouldn’t be a difficult task. Here at Body RX we make it easy for patients to get their testing done and also get the expert diagnosis and treatment they need, all done by a board-certified Medical Doctor which specializes in hormone optimization for men and women.

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    Bloodwork and Analysis

    Visit us to get your bloodwork done, we'll schedule you early in the morning to get the most accurate reading of your hormone levels.

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    Get a doctor consultation with one of the top testosterone medical doctors in Miami.

    Only a Complete Hormonal Blood Panel will Identify Low-T Issues

    • This complete testing includes all of the most important biological markers which can help provide a well-defined picture of your current testosterone levels, as well as the following:
      • Cortisol Total levels
      • Vitamin D
      • DHEA
      • Testosterone Free and Total
      • CBC
      • Prolactin
      • Free T-4
      • TSH
      • Free T-3
      • LH
      • FSH
      • Estradiol
      • Complete Metabolic Panel
      • Lipid Panel
      • IGF-1

      Once you visit one of our locations for a blood test, we’ll schedule a doctor visit about a week later so our Dr. George Herrera, M.D. OB/GYN, can go over the test results with you.

    DISCLAIMER: Results may vary depending on the individual patient, medical history, and other factors. Patients must maintain good nutritional and sleep habits. Persons with serious health conditions should speak to their primary care provider before beginning a new medical treatment.

    How Can You Get Started?

    Getting started with optimizing your hormones is easier than you may think. It all starts with an initial phone consultation to one of our two Miami-area location. After bloodwork and a doctor visit, you’l be able to get started.

    1. Schedule an Initial Consultation

    Our helpful medical staff will learn about your medical needs and get you set up for your first consultation with one of our board-certified doctors at one of our Miami locations.

    2. Get Tested and Check Your Hormone Levels

    A full hormonal-panel blood test will allow us to identify any hormone deficiencies, we’ll go over the results with you and help develop a custom plan for your needs.


    You’ll begin treatments as prescribed by our doctors and visit our locations periodically for monitoring and follow-up

    What are Low-T Symptoms?

    Low-T Symptoms include fatigue, weak erection, libido issues, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, muscle loss, among others.

    Click here to learn about the complete list of symptoms of Low T.

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    About Us

    Body RX is a health and wellness optimization center dedicated to improving your overall quality of life. We use a personalized approach to help our patients treat the underlying health issues that often occur with aging. Our services help men and women optimize their hormone levels with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, feel better with Micronutrient Testing and a wide variety of Vitamin IV Therapy cocktails, help you look better with skincare services that include specialized wellness, PRP, and fillers like Botox.
    We also use specialized wellness Treatments and PRP for sports therapy and injury rehabilitation. We have some of the top medical experts in hormonal and sports therapy medicine, and we have two locations in South Florida.

    Hormone Replacement: A Personalized Approach to your Health

    Visit our two Miami HRT locations

    We offer two convenient locations in South Florida. Our Coral Gables location serving the central / eastern portion of Miami Dade County and our Kendall location, located just minutes from the Florida Turnpike and Palmetto Expressway.

    10271 Sunset Dr, Ste. D101, Miami, FL 33173

    Office Phone Number: (786) 899-4514
    Office Hours: M-F 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.

    3850 Bird Rd #103B, Coral Gables, FL 33146

    Office Phone Number: (305) 330-6900
    Office Hours: M,W,TH, 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. / T, F 8 A.M. – 4 P.M.

    Visiting Miami?

    Whether you live in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, or South America, we at Body RX welcome and provide HRT services to patients who live outside of Miami through our International Patient Program. For more information, contact us at (786) 899-4514.