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Get fast and accurate blood testing for low-testosterone levels at our Miami locations in Coral Gables and Kendall.

Low-T Treatment for Men Overview

We are one of the best-rated, leading medical centers in South Florida specializing in men’s health and testosterone therapy. If you are experiencing the signs of aging, you may be suffering from low-t. Come receive treatment to help balance your testosterone levels medically supervised by a board-certified doctor.

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Do you need TRT?

Men’s aging process decreases the levels of testosterone, causing a multitude of symptoms associated with andropause. To determine testosterone levels, we perform a simple blood test. If your total or free testosterone are not within the normal range, you may be a candidate for treatment. Determining whether a patient is the right candidate for testosterone therapy is evaluated on a case by case basis by our medical professionals in a consultation.

The following are symptoms you may experience if you have Low-T:

Low Sex Drive

One of the main symptoms of low testosterone levels is a decrease in sexual desire, a decrease in sexual performance and weaker orgasm.

Increase in body fat

An increase in fat around the abdominal area is one of the primary symptoms of “low-t” in men, this can happen after 30 years of age.


Always feeling tired and slow no matter how much sleep you get? Feeling drained and impossible to make it through the workday?

Bad Mood

One of the main symptoms of low testosterone levels is a decrease in sexual desire, a decrease in sexual performance and weaker orgasm.

Loss of muscle mass

An amino acid peptide stimulating the pituitary gland to release more growth hormones, helping your body reverse the negative effects of the aging process. Improve endurance, boost the immune system, and libido. Shown to help your body heal faster from wounds. May be combined with Sermorelin hormone and GHRP-6 for more effectiveness.

bald guy with low t

Hair Loss

Testosterone is partially responsible for the production of hair in men.

TRT Benefits

Testosterone Replacement Therapy often experience the following benefits:

Increased Physical Performance

Added lean muscle mass, increased libido, better physical endurance

TRT helps transform your body into a high-performance system, providing an almost immediate boost of energy and strength, while activating your body's youthful vigor, sexual stamina and physical endurance.

testosterone improving focus

Improved cognitive performance

More focus, better memory, better mood

Testosterone replacement patients have reported experiencing an increase in focus, better overall mood, less anxiety, more confidence and less depression.

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Heart Health Benefits

Better blood pressure levels and overall blood flow

Your heart is better protected and performs better with improved levels of testosterone. This means better blood flow throughout your body, helping alleviate many symptoms you may experience as a result of blood pressure issues.

2 Miami Locations

We offer two convenient locations in South Florida. Our Coral Gables location serving the central / eastern portion of Miami Dade County and our Kendall location, located just minutes from the Florida Turnpike and Palmetto Expressway.


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Low-T Testing

Are you suffering from one or more symptoms associated with low-testosterone? Visit one of our two locations to get a low-t test today.

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