PALEO Diet is for those who remain health conscious

Researchers in Miami say that there has been numerous diets whose main purpose include to achieve one goal i.e. to see people remain healthiest. That being said, in order to get their prime health, people might have to follow different anti-aging, nutrition food and diets like Paleo Diet in their plan. Miami has remained lucky to have people who are following these types of diet plans or have plans to have these types of diets daily. But you might wonder as to what the Paleo diet may encompass.

 What is the Paleo Diet?

 In Miami, if you remain health conscious, one of your aims may possibly be to remain slender, strong and energetic through intake of diet or exercise regime. You would be surprised to know as researchers have revealed that the Paleo diet also aspire to provide the same as this diet has been based on food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors. Thus before introducing or presenting Paleo diet, extensive scientific research took place so as to present whole new diet based on what our ancestors ate.

Unfortunately, today people in Miami have been suffering from various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, certain cancers, heart diseases, depression, infertility and even Alzheimer due to the intake of modern diet which contain refined foods. Did you know that the original Paleo diet contain some restrictions for various foods which could or could not be taken.

However, since 1970s various researchers, doctors and dieticians have been able to adjust Paleo diet slightly according to the needs of an individual. For example, athletes have been following Paleo diet strictly when they attend training sessions.

We at Body Rx Anti-Aging articulate, that these athletes consume starchy vegetables like potatoes and high glycemic foods so as to replace glycogen storage. You can also say that the foundation of the Paleo diet is based on seafood, meat, and unlimited consumption of fresh fruits and veggies.

We believe that traditional wisdom informs us that in order to lose weight we have to burn more calories. So Paleo diet recommends a diet which mimics what hunter-gatherer used to eat i.e. high-protein, high-fruit and veggie diet with fat in moderation.

 What foods can you eat on the Poleo diet?

As has been mentioned earlier, the Paleo diet comprises 99.6% food which was used by hunter-gatherers. The food during this era contained seafood, vegetables, meats, fruits and nuts. If you are a pure vegetarian you too can rely on Paleo diet and can take legumes viz., soy, beans, lentils, peas etc.  When you take this sort of food it increases intestinal permeability which triggers a condition called “leaky gut”, which has been found a crucial step in almost all autoimmune diseases.

What to take in breakfast – The Paleo diet rely on peppers, mushrooms, broccoli in olive oil, omega-3, diced turkey or chicken breast.

For lunch – Take mixed greens, radishes, bell peppers, carrots, avocadoes, almonds, walnuts, sliced apples, take a single serving from large batch like chicken, turkey, pork, chunks etc. or seafood like salmon, tuna, fresh fish, shrimp etc.

For Dinner – include spaghetti squash; top this with pesto, marinara and meatballs.

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