The Challenging But Fail-proof Vegan Diet

According to health experts all over the world, the safest and most nutritious diets should be comprised of all the food groups eaten at the right time and in the appropriate amounts. So, can veganism be categorized under that ‘healthy’ group? If you are considering this diet, read on.

Going Vegan

Veganism is just one of the different types of vegetarianism. While other diets of this kind are less strict about food choices, veganism is quite exacting in the sense that NO MEAT (including poultry and all sea foods) should ever be included. Besides that, all meat products such as eggs, milk and dairy are a huge no-no as well.

Straight-laced vegans have various reasons for choosing this kind of food regimen. The most common is the advocacy for animal rights. This way of thinking only came about in the early 2oth century. Long before that, certain religions (Buddhism and Hinduism) did not allow eating meat, believing that the animals might have been their deceased loved ones or ancestors.

Today, going vegan is becoming quite ‘fashionable’. Famous celebrities like Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Ellen DeGeneres, Alec Baldwin and Bill Clinton are only some who have switched to vegan diet. This, perhaps, is another reason why so many are giving this a shot, too.

Arguments Against Plant-based Diets

Eating fruits and vegetables is good for you. But eating just fruits and veggies might just kill you.

As mentioned earlier, medical and health specialists agree that the best sort of diet should have all food groups – carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and even fat – in it. The trouble with strict, plant-based diets is that one does not get to have enough protein and fat which are still required by the body.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the conditions which a vegan might have. Osteoporosis is another. Lack of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Iron and Zinc will also cause various health problems.

Supplementation is the Key

But long-time vegans have the answer for this: supplementation. You can eat food that is high in the nutrients which you may be lacking. Omega 3 Fatty Acids, for instance, can be found in soya bean and walnuts. Legumes and whole nuts are rich in protein. Green leafy veggies and dried fruit contain high levels of iron.

If that is not enough, supplement with vitamin and mineral tablets. These are available in pharmaceutical stores and can be bought even without a prescription. It is also important to have a good eating plan with great vegan food choices that is prepared a few weeks ahead. Naturally, this will require research on your part.

PETA has a three-step process on how you can go vegan. First, know what to buy. Second, prepare what to make (based on what you bought). These two steps can actually help you make a good cycle menu or meal plan for a week or even a month.

Finally, find good places to eat out in. Since this lifestyle is big nowadays, one can always find good restaurants and even fast food joints serving all sorts of really delicious vegetarian meals.

Is this Right for You?

Because of the need of most people to eat healthy and, consequently, lose weight, there are hundreds of different diet programs which you can find nowadays. Some people change diets every now and then, trying to find what will work for them.

Veganism may be a good diet but it can be pretty restrictive and, let’s face it, oh-so-hard to do. First of all, you should be certain about your decision and persevere to maintain this sort of diet. You will find a lot of ‘haters’ and naysayers around you but, if you really want this, you should never waver from it.

While some doctors may say that this diet is unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children, it really depends on the choices of the individual. You’ve probably heard of a whole family going vegan and they’re quite healthy. At the end of the day, this really depends on people who want to make veganism work.

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