What after all the Zone Diet about?

Everyone in Miami intends to look healthy and smart. No one would like to look abnormal and obese, it’s a human nature. If you look closely you will find that everyone in the world including Miami has been looking for Body Rx Anti-Aging, Zone diet, zone diet menu, zone diet meals, anti-aging, nutrition, health and what not.  Unfortunately, people in Miami are unable to take control of their diet and end up becoming obese or with other conditions. Not knowing that diet makes 70% of your health. Fortunately, researchers and doctors in Miami are working round the clock to help protect people from their dangerous food habits and have introduced various diets including the Zone diet, and crossfit Zone diet. But the billion dollar question today has remained what are  all Zone diets about and where in Miami can you really get on the Zone Diet?

What is Zone Diet?

You may perhaps know that Barry Sears, has been the creator of the Zone Diet. This diet has been intended for those who wish to lose weight. This incredible zone diet works on the theory which states excess insulin has been found responsible for making us fat and obese. However, when we closely regulate our blood sugar levels and keep our levels of insulin in control, our body will definitely burn fat more efficiently thus helping us to lose weight.

That could be the reason why famous celebrities like Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston, the top Hollywood personalities rely on this zone diet so as to keep their figure intact.

Through Zone diet, Barry Sears has introduced a simple formula which every individual in Miami ought to follow with every zone diet meal plan. The formula states you have to take 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats in your zone diet daily. The result of zone diet would be obvious as you will lose weight and find overall enhancement in your health. If you wish to lose weight in Miami, you have to follow a certain number of blocks (zone diet blocks) for each meal and snack you take. These zone diet blocks could be allocated according to your weight, height and waist and hip perimeters. If you have an enhanced structure you need to take more zone diet blocks. For example, if you weigh 10st and has height 5ft 2in, has a 28in waist and 37in hips , you should take 12 blocks a day like four during breakfast, three each for lunch and dinner, one for afternoon snack and one for evening snack.

What foods can you eat while on the zone diet?

The main requirement of the Zone Diet which we at Body Rx Anti-Aging emphasize include creating a balanced zone diet meal in an effort to control hormone levels. We recommend consumption of vegetables as a part of zone diet, which has been found as the prime source of low-density carbohydrates. When you eat vegetables it does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar or insulin levels. While on zone diet, you can eat vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, radishes, peppers, artichoke hearts, cabbage, eggplants, onions, leafy greens, okra etc. However, zone diet warns the intake of processed carbohydrates viz., white pastas and breads also for good results.

Besides this as a part of zone diet meals in Miami, you have to take fruits like apples, peaches, strawberries, apricots, blueberries, oranges etc. Likewise legumes also a source of carbohydrate and protein has been used in the zone diet in Miami. Lastly you can also take meats and low-fat dairy foods as well.

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