Progesterone Imbalance Treatment in Miami, FL

Progesterone is a female sex hormone that helps women throughout their menstrual cycle and is key in maintaining a healthy pregnancy, in addition to providing healthy breastfeeding function. We at Body RX specialize in hormone optimization for women, including treating progesterone imbalances.

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    Progesterone is key for your health during childbearing years.

    Symptoms of Low Progesterone

    Nonpregnant women who have low progesterone levels may experience migraines, headaches, mood swings and irritability, as well as irregularities during mentrual cycle.

    DISCLAIMER: Results may vary depending on the individual patient, medical history, and other factors. Patients must maintain good nutritional and sleep habits. Persons with serious health conditions should speak to their primary care provider before beginning a new medical treatment.

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    Want to Know More About how hormones affect your health?

    Progesterone is one of the female sex hormones we analyze throughout our advanced diagnostic testing services at the beginning of every hormone optimization program. Open the guide below to learn more about how hormones affect your daily life.

    Who can benefit from hormone optimization?

    If you’re suffering from one or more of these chronic health conditions, you may benefit from a personalized health plan that includes hormonal level treatments.

    • Fatigue
    • Weight Gain
    • Appetite Gain
    • Depression
    • Bad mood

    About Us

    Body RX is a health and wellness optimization center dedicated to improving your overall quality of life. We use a personalized approach to help our patients treat the underlying health issues that often occur with aging. Our services help men and women optimize their hormone levels with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, feel better with Micronutrient Testing and a wide variety of Vitamin IV Therapy cocktails, help you look better with skincare services that include specialized wellness, PRP, and fillers like Botox.
    We also use specialized wellness Treatments and PRP for sports therapy and injury rehabilitation. We have some of the top medical experts in hormonal and sports therapy medicine, and we have two locations in South Florida.

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    Whether you live in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, or South America, we at Body RX welcome and provide NAD services to patients who live outside of Miami through our International Patient Program. For more information, contact us at (786) 899-4514.