Q. What is the difference between Body RX and a Primary Care Doctor?
A. Body RX is different from a Primary Care Doctor. Instead of treating your symptoms with prescription medication that can add to your health issues, we focus on your overall quality of health. We use a holistic approach to helping you improve your health, meaning we take an approach helping to enhance your whole health, not just your symptoms.
Q. Are you a weight loss clinic?
A. We do provide medical weight loss services. We are specifically a health optimization clinic that helps people find the underlying causes of chronic issues and stubborn weight/excess fat. Many of our patients find the rest of our health services to bring them better results when combined rather than just focusing on weight loss.
Q. When can I start seeing results?
A. It depends on what program you're on. Still, generally, people can see results within 2-4 months (sometimes earlier), which is why we encourage our patients to come in for regular bloodwork every four months.
Q. Can I cancel a health program whenever I want? What are the drawbacks?
A. You can cancel a program like TRT or HRT at any time. Keep in mind that your body will go back to before you start the program if you do stop the doctor's protocol. You will have the same hormonal deficiencies as before you started the program, possibly with greater severity as you age further.
Q. Can I have kids if I do TRT?
A. Yes, you can still have kids, even while on a TRT program. When you are ready, we can help you start a specific protocol to help your body create the necessary follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to help you have kids.
Q. What details can you tell me about your weight loss program?
A. Our medical weight loss program provides you with a holistic approach toward reaching your weight loss goals. We'll help improve every area of your body responsible for metabolism, energy, hormones, and every part of your body that will help burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.
Q. Can you help me become muscular like a bodybuilder?
A. We at Body RX do not promote Testosterone or any other controlled medication for aesthetic purposes. Instead, we use Testosterone and other medicines to correct hormonal deficiencies or other legitimate medical issues, as directed by a Medical Doctor.
Q. Can I buy a bag of vitamin IV for administering myself?
A. We do not sell IV Bags for self-administering. Still, you can make an appointment for an IV at one of our Miami locations or at your hotel, home, or office with our Mobile IV Therapy service.
Q. Do you have skin-lightening IVs and shots?
A. Yes, we have an IV Therapy cocktail that will provide a skin-lightening result, as well as glutathione shots.
Q. Where can I park if I visit your Coral Gables location?
A. We have reserved parking in the Merrick Tower parking garage located on 38th Court in Miami. Visitor parking is also available on the 4th through 7th floors.
Q. How much is the doctor's consultation?
A. For pricing, please call our office at 305-330-6900 or 786-899-4514
Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept cash, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.
Q. Do you take health insurance?
A. Some of our blood tests can be covered by insurance, please call us for more information.
Q. What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
A. HRT is a treatment that helps restore the body to balance by identifying and then optimizing any deficiencies the patient may have
Q. Who can typically benefit from HRT?
A. Anyone that is looking to optimize their health and are proactive in prevention of disease and illness.
Q. What is the process for HRT?
A. The first step is to have blood drawn and analyzed through a complete hormone panel. Then the patient will meet with the physician to go over the results and make a recommendation.
The final step is to go over the treatment options with a patient care advocate and begin therapy.
Q. What should I expect from my first visit?
A. You will be assessed by our staff and instructed on the proper dosing regimen and protocol.
Q. What should my long term expectations be?
A. Long term prognosis is excellent with significant improvement of overall health and well-being and improvement in quality of life. Consistency and compliance are key to obtaining optimum results
Q. What are some experiences individuals have had with HRT?
A. After hitting a plateau and not being able to lose the desired weight due to hormone imbalance, patients can finally break through that barrier.
Q. What are some side effects that could occur with HRT?
A. Not every one person is the same or will experience the same side effects. Some side effects that can occur are: increased blood pressure, heart rate, and itchiness.
Q. How many clinic visits does the treatment consist of?
A. It varies depending on the desired outcome and the patients schedule, however consistency and compliance are key.
Q. What is the general cost?
A. Costs range from $50-$550.
Q. Does my insurance cover any part of the program's cost?
A. Insurance will cover lab work for analysis of the hormone panel.
Q. Are the results permanent?
A. Results are dependent on consistency and compliance to the regimen prescribed.