According to scientific researches made a few years ago, HRT is quite essential for those who may need it. Usually, this is given to individuals who are suffering from signs and symptoms caused by low hormone levels. Those could be due to malfunctioning glands or aging, which is a more common cause.

Before you go to a medical center and ask for this, you might want to go through this article first and see if you really need this kind of therapy.

 Role of Hormones in the Body

Hormones are chemicals which are released by certain cells, specific glands and sometimes, organs which are very important for the physiological processes of the body. Each hormone has a specific action targeted at reproductive cycles, sexual activity, hunger, immune system activation, metabolic regulation and so many more.

These are also secreted in particular levels. If the amount goes over or lower than the right levels, the normal functioning of the body will be disrupted – the cause of certain diseases and some disorders.

The two most common types of hormones being used for replacement therapies are those for reproduction. Estrogen and progesterone pills are being used to block the possibility of pregnancy. This is given in pill form and sometimes as an injectable.

Other familiar hormones used for therapeutic and medical purposes are steroids for autoimmune and respiratory problems, thyroxine for hyperthyroidism and insulin for Diabetics.

 The Need for Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Hormones are produced by the body naturally. However, there are some incidences wherein HRT may be prescribed because of the following:

1 – Low Levels of Hormone Produced

This may be due to malfunctioning glands or organs. But there are cases wherein there are really just very low levels of hormones being produced and secreted. One type of Diabetes, for instance, occurs because there is not enough Insulin being produced by the pancreas compared to the level of glucose which should be digested.

2 – Too High Levels of Hormone Produced

The other end of the spectrum is considered an abnormal case as well. To deal with this problem, a different sort of hormone will be introduced into the body to counteract the action of the other. For instance, increased HGH (Human Growth Hormone) can be stabilized or inhibited by Somatostatin, the anti-growth hormone.

Hormonal production and release surge during puberty. But after your 20s, the levels of most hormones will decrease. By the time you’re 50, there is very little left. Since the fountain of youth has not been discovered yet, HRT is the next best thing.

 Eligibility for Treatment

There is no such thing as DIY HRT. Sure, a lot of people are shooting up with this variant of that hormone just because some ‘expert’ posted that it’s OK to do it in his blog. Hormones, even when it is in its synthetic form already, should be handled with kid gloves.

Do you need hormones? If you think that you do, consult an endocrinologist – a doctor specializing in hormones – immediately.

After a short interview regarding your health and medical history, you will undergo several diagnostic tests to see if you actually require this. At times, this may not be required at all so your doctor will give you the more appropriate medication. But there are some cases deemed irreversible. In this case, HRT is a must.

Some people, menopausal women for example, will surely require replacement of Estrogen and Progesterone immediately. But undergoing that short interview with the OB-GYN and getting the right prescription is still a must.

Hormone therapy comes in different forms. Estrogen, for instance, comes in so many forms. Aside from the usual tablet and injectable hormone, you can find vaginal creams, skin patches, skin gels and even nasal sprays. In addition to convenience, these are indicated for specific conditions. It will always be best to go to your doctor so that you know exactly which of these you can use.

Possible Risks of HRT

You don’t want your hormones to go haywire that is why if you really are not required to undergo this therapy, don’t. Increased levels will have so many negative effects as well and, if unchecked, the overdose may cause irreversible effects.

There are also several studies coming out which state that the use of certain synthetic hormones may cause cancer and other frightening health conditions. But there are some journals which refute that. It can be very difficult to figure out which is truthful but that is why it is better if you went to the most trusted specialists in town.

Why Body Rx Anti-Aging?

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