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Vital Nutrients

From the Myers’ Cocktail,
to sexual enhancing-IV treatments, to IV threapy for hangovers, your body gets the most vital nutrients it needs to recover from fatigue,
toxins and negative effects of aging.

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Getting important vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream helps you get faster results. Feel more energy, added focus, and increase your overall wellness with IV therapy!

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Our IV Therapy infusions are administered by certified nurses on site at one of our two locations in Miami. You also get 24-hour access to our board-certified doctors and management with any concerns.

IV Therapy

Pharmaceutical companies made our lives easier. Nowadays, you don’t have to take 20 pills just to get enough dietary supplementation. We have brands like Centrum which, based on their ad, is ‘complete from A to zinc’.

But technology will always find a way to make things straightforward, very convenient and a whole lot faster. If you need multivitamins, you can have your doctor inject it into your body intravenously.

Vitamins and Minerals on a Drip

The idea behind multivitamin IV therapy is very simple: instead of popping a pill or pills, the vitamin or mineral concentrate is mixed in saline solution and then injected directly into your veins. This will ensure that these nutrients will be absorbed by the body faster and more efficiently.

Some people who tried this have sworn that they felt so much better and energized only a few minutes after the drip was consumed. It is pretty convenient as well. Finishing the whole bag will provide one with the necessary nutrients for a whole month, even two.

Perhaps, that is why famous celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna are reported to be trying multivitamins through IV very recently. This is perfect for people who are always on the go or too busy to eat properly to get enough nutrition.

Different Kinds of Multivitamins

While some people prefer getting a specific vitamin or mineral only, others go for cocktails which contain more than one nutrient. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Meyers Cocktail

Created in 1995 by John Meyers, a physician from Baltimore, this cocktail contains vitamin C, the whole B complex, magnesium and calcium. This is said to boost the immune system, relieve stress, get rid of anxiety and depression, and help cancer patients with some of its symptoms. According to doctors researching this mix, Meyers added more ingredients but kept it a secret.

Athletic Cocktail

There are different kinds of multivitamins IV which can help athletes with their performance and strength. However, these often include the B-Complex, vitamin C, and several other metabolic enzymes which can maintain their energy at a high level.

Hangover cocktail

If you’ve had too much Pina Coladas, Jack Cokes and Vodka Tonics the night before, you might want to try this ingenious cocktail. Apparently, this can help relieve hangover symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Besides vitamins and minerals, this also contains electrolytes which will replenish the body.


It may seem impossible at first, but certain medications can actually stimulate the release and increase the levels of endorphins in the brain. This, in turn, can be very effective in helping one forget feelings of depression and other negative emotions.

Migraine Relief Cocktail

Ask anybody who is experiencing migraine and they will tell you this is one of the worst headaches ever. Creating intravenous migraine medication is truly a heaven-sent because this can make all the excruciating symptoms of this problem go away in a flash.


This chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is becoming more and more difficult to treat. Although oral and inhaled medications are very effective, strengthening your immune system through multivitamin IV therapy is still a better option.


One of the most effective IV detox is glutathione. This protein occurs naturally in the body. However, this nutrient decreases in the amount as one gets older. Among all multivitamin IV drips, glutathione mixed with Vitamins B and C is widely accepted and recommended by a lot of doctors.

Risks of IV Multi-vitamins

This is popular among celebrities and so many others are following suit. This may cause minimal bruising and infection on the injection site. But that is the least of your problems.

Consulting the Best Specialist in Town

The best way to prevent any problems from occurring when undergoing IV treatment is to choose a good practitioner who will perform this procedure. When it comes to IV multivitamins, Body RX Anti-Aging is the best.

We treat everyone from professional MMA fighters to professional athletic cyclists. If you feel your body is deficient in its vitamins, there’s no better way that intravenously. A fact for you to take home, did you know that only 15% of the vitamins we take orally stick to us, and the rest we urinate out. Wouldn’t you like to keep the rest of the vitamins in the body?

Give us a call at (786) 899-4514 if you want to start this therapy and start feeling better. We will pair you up with one of our specialists so that you get the right vitamins and minerals at the appropriate amount.

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