We are a medical office that specializes in optimizing your health, while providing you with personalized treatments that best fit your needs. Learn about our health services and how we can help optimize your health so you can live a better quality of life. All of our services are performed by licensed professional medical staff and supervised by our Medical Doctor.

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Hormone Optimization

Body RX helps you find out which hormones in your body may be out of balance, and we offer proven medical treatments which help bring your hormone levels to optimal ranges.


Diagnostic Testing

Body RX advanced Diagnostic Testing helps you pinpoint a multitide of underlying conditions that may involve micronutrients, gut health, toxic heavy metals, and more. These tests may involve a blood panel, urinalysis, or stool tests, and may help with identifying the cause of many chronic health conditions.


Health & Wellness Optimization

Our health and wellness optimization services helps provide your body essential nutrients, restore cellular health, reach optimal weight under medical supervision, and recover from injuries faster.


Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and maintaining its health is essential to optimal health and looking your best as you age. We provide skin care and filler treatments to help you look your best and maintain optimal skin health.