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Botox Will Do Wonders for Your Skin

Botox is a medical treatment approved for use with a variety of conditions, especially neurological disorders. In 2002, the FDA approved Botox for use in treating frown lines between the eye brows. This procedure is safe, convenient and effective. It paralyzes the facial muscles which create and exacerbate these lines. The Botox is administered in under an hour and results last for up to six months. There are very few risks associated with this type of procedure and it is much less invasive than a traditional face lift, yet the results are similar in many ways. For this reason, some refer to Botox as a “face lift in a bottle”.

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein made from clostridium botulinum bacterium. This bacteria reduces muscle activity in the area in which it is injected. It does so by bocking nerve signals to these muscles. Many are concerned about the effects of Botox because bacteria can make the person ill. This does not need to be a concern. The Botox procedure involves the insertion of a very fine needles into the desired muscles. Small portions of Botox are injected into these muscles. No anesthetic or sedation is needed although your doctor may use a cream or cold pack to numb the area.

What side effects may one expect with this procedure?

Many who undergo a Botox procedure experience bruising. Droopy eyelids have been seen and this side effect may last for a few weeks. Headaches are reported by a few although they disappear within 48 hours and some experience flu-like symptoms. Normal activity may resume immediately after the treatment although heavy lifting and exercise should be avoided for a 24 hour period. The risk of botulism, when the procedure is done by a licensed professional, is minimal. The face still moves normally as only the treated muscles are paralyzed. Over a period of time, the effects wear off. This usually takes four to six months.

What are some Botox FAQs?

Most want to know if Botox cosmetic parties are safe. They are not! Each patient should receive a new tube of Botox and it should always be administered by an authorized health care practitioner. Treatment is only appropriate for those between the ages of 18 and 65. Those over the age of 65 tend to have static wrinkles which do not change when the face is relaxed. Other treatments are offered for those age 65 and over.

Call Body Rx today to discuss the various treatment options offered for facial wrinkles. For many, Botox is the preferred choice. This procedure is both safe and effective and offers results that last for an extended period of time. Our physicians at Body RX can best determine if a patient is a good candidate for a procedure of this type.

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