Special Offers

Welcome to our “Special Offers” page, showcasing our clinic’s latest promotions and discounts. To help you maximize your treatment options and help you obtain premium-quality services at a reasonable cost, we want to make our services accessible to everyone. Our special offers allow patients to take advantage of special pricing for our premium services, allowing them to achieve their desired results while staying within their budget. Take advantage of these limited-time offers. They are a great way to save money while receiving top-quality care from our experienced professionals. So, check back often for our latest deals and promotions. Take the first step towards achieving a better quality of life today!

March 2023

Ultimate Weight-Loss Promos

  • Semaglutide: 15% off
  • IV Therapy 20% off
  • Weight-Loss Supplements: 20% off (incl. AOD, Lipo B + C, L-Carnitine, 5HTP)

*Results vary for every patient. Terms may apply. Expiration: 3/31/2023