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What is a Stem Cell Treatment? A cutting-edge that’s widely known for treating pain effectively. Stem Cell treatments use your bone marrow’s stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue, bone, cartilage, and muscle. Stem Cells are also beneficial for persons suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetes, and other chronic health issues.

What can Stem Cell do for you?

Repair Faster

Shorten the time it takes for repair of injuries

Stem Cell injections are used to help repair and regenerate damaged tissue from injuries shoulders, knees, back, feet, hands, and other types of injuries

increase bloodflow helping ed stem cells

Increase Blood Flow

Help your body's vascular system improve

With the vascular improvements from stem cell treatments, you may experience improved condition of erectile dysfunction


Avoid Surgery

Stem Cell treatments repair damage

With Stem Cell treatments, you may be able to avoid costly and risky surgery, as well as shorten recovery time from injury

Satisfied Patients

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"BODY RX is what I have been looking for years for my skin problem and other health issues. I have used pills for years to improve my skin complexion but no real changes until just 6 sessions of GLUTATHIONE IV injections at body rx."

H. Ondoua

"At first I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of Glutathione, but after a year of getting monthly glutathione IV therapy treatments at their Kendall location, I can say that glutathione has improved my health and I have no need for the stomach medication I was taking. Thanks!"

J. Torres

Who can benefit from Stem Cell treatments?

Persons with serious sports injuries

People with sports injuries to the tendons, ligaments, muscles, or cartilage may benefit from stem cell injections. The regenerative power of our own body's stem cells can help shorten the time needed to heal from severe sports injuries.


Average time to heal decreased in days


Amount of years back a 90 year old's stem cells helps regenerate

Persons Age-Related Degeneration

According to our very own Dr. Moises Irrizarry, it's possible for an elderly person with a chronic injury to get his own stem cells injected into the problem area, resulting in the problem area functioning as it did when it was decades younger. Stem Cell Therapy may be effective for elderly persons that have pain from age-related issues.

About Body RX Stem Cell

At Body RX Anti-Aging, we focus on a holistic approach to the health of your whole body. In order to provide you with the very best in medical treatments to manage pain, we’ve teamed up with one of the most respected stem cell doctors in the world. It is our mission to empower our patients with high-quality and effective care.

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