Body RX Anti-Aging Announces specialized wellness Treatments Now Available in Both Miami Locations

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We at Body RX Anti Aging are proud to introduce our Sports Medicine services led by Dr. Moisés D. Irizarry-Román, MD, a foremost global expert in sports medicine treatments. Our Sports Medicine services will help patients better manage pain and recovery from mild to serious injuries related to sports or other physical activities. Patients will be able to choose from specialized wellness treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, Ultrasound Diagnostic services, and other pain management services provided by Dr. Irizarry.

Our goal is to provide patients with highly advanced medical procedures like specialized wellness Treatments, PRP, and others, and at the same provide the same high level of care our patients expect from our brand,” said Steven Sevilla, President at Body RX Anti- Aging.

specialized wellness Treatments Explained

Using specialized wellnesss from your own bone marrow, we are able to help patients avoid surgery and/or improve recovery. specialized wellness Treatments have been shown in peer reviews to provide benefits to patients experiencing damaged tissue such as cartilage, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Some patients also experience improvement in symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

PRP Explained

With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, we use a patient’s own plasma and inject it into damaged tissue to create a response that promotes healing.

Ultrasound Diagnostic

Ultrasound Diagnostic tests use an MSK Ultrasound that helps us determine the type and severity of an injury. This procedure is more affordable than a traditional MRI scan and safer since it doesn’t require sedation or radiation.  Ultrasound technology is also used when introducing a pain management injection for more accurate treatment.

About Dr. Moises Irizarry MD

Dr. Moises Irizarry-Roman, MD is a licensed Sports Medicine MD and surgeon who has extensive experience providing specialized wellness Therapy for patients. Dr. Irizarry has received numerous awards and recognition for his work in the Sports Medicine field, becoming the head of Sports Medicine at Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL, in addition to working as a consultant for various television programs on Univision and Telemundo. Dr. Irizarry has served as the team physician for the Mississippi Braves, Dixie Rodeo, Gulliver Schools, Miami FC and the Puerto Rico Islanders soccer clubs.

He received his Medical Degree from Universidad Central del Caribe, School of Medicine in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. He then completed his Residency at Hospital Universitario Ramón Ruiz Arnau, subsequently joining the University of Mississippi, School of Medicine to follow his passion training in Sports Medicine.

About Body RX Anti-Aging

Body RX Anti Aging is a medical wellness and sports medicine clinic that provides safe, medically-supervised bio-identical hormone treatments for men and women including TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), GHRP (Growth Hormone Replacement Peptides), GHRH (Growth Hormone Replacement Hormones), and BHRT for Women. We’re a highly-rated boutique anti-aging medical clinic with two locations in South Florida providing some of the most innovative medical procedures known to modern science.

We identify and correct hormonal imbalances responsible for symptoms such as Low-T in men and Menopause in women.  We also provide nutritional counseling, customized medical weight-loss plans tailored to your specific needs and vitamin IV therapy cocktails such as the Myers Cocktail for hangovers proven to help your body get the nutrients it needs to look, feel and perform better.

Other services we provide include sports therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, Botox, Juvederm and medical skin care treatments such as Glutathione for skin lightening treatments.

Our doctor, Dr. George Herrera, M.D. is an Ob/Gyn and is board-certified by leading anti-aging medical organizations. Our nurses and staff are trained in the most state-of-the-art procedures for anti-aging and preventative medicine. We are committed to helping you have the best overall quality of life.

Body RX Anti Aging is located in the following South Florida locations:

Our Kendall office is at 10271 SW 72 ST, Miami, FL 33173 Suite D101 in Miami, FL

Our Coral Gables office is at 3850 Bird Rd, Suite 103B in Coral Gables, FL.

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