Male Testosterone Levels: What is Normal? Why Your Blood Test May Be Misleading You

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Guest Post by Body RX patient, Josh M.:
This is my personal testimony as a patient of Body RX. As a patient of Body RX Miami under Testosterone Replacement Therapy since mid-2019, I’ve experienced a remarkable improvement in my sleep quality, daily energy levels, focus, lean muscle mass, confidence, and even skin health. There are of course other improvements which I won’t mention publicly, but suffice it to say, I’m a changed man. I’ve decided to share my thoughts and feedback as a patient.
I’ve always considered myself a healthy person. I grew up playing sports, and exercised regularly as an adult. While I had a few bad habits like staying awake until late hours of the night, I tried to be as healthy as possible by maintaining a good nutritional diet, staying away from drinking alcohol, smoking, and drugs. But even with all my efforts of following a balanced nutrition, taking multivitamins, and regular exercise, I was always tired. Like really tired, all the time.
Being a childhood cancer survivor, I imagined this chronic fatigue was somehow related to my childhood illness, or perhaps some new chronic illness I hadn’t been diagnosed with. I never would’ve imagined this was related to a hormonal issue, but someone once suggested that I should get my Testosterone levels checked. So I went to my primary doctor, not even thinking about the fact that a hormone specialist would be better suited.
My primary care doctor provided a blood test (not every blood test is the same, I needed a complete hormonal blood panel and got a basic blood test – read more) and told me my 300 ng/dL Testosterone level is normal. But what is normal? It means the average testosterone levels of 1,000 patients for that age. If 1,000 patients took the test and most of them have low testosterone, but they live to 80 years of age, traditional doctors will agree that those levels are indeed acceptable. They figure, “low levels of testosterone won’t kill them, so it’s ok.”
300 ng/dL levels of Testosterone are not optimal.

What are normal levels of testosterone?

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According to Dr. George Herrera, M.D.

What I tried

My experience at Body RX


So, do you want to be at the average levels of testosterone for a population unknowingly living with low-t? Or do you want to be at optimal levels?

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