Natural Production of Testosterone vs. Testosterone Replacement

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You can help your body increase or maintain healthy levels of Testosterone (T) with foods, supplements, quality sleep habits, and exercise, but what happens when that’s not enough? Adult males may face an imbalance in levels of male hormones caused by many factors which lead to Low-T.

How can patients know when they have a testosterone or hormone imbalance?

Detecting a hormonal imbalance is possible with a blood test: a Complete Hormonal Blood Panel, which measures Free and Total Testosterone, along with other vital biomarkers. Some may refer to this test as a Low-T blood test.

A doctor will review your lab results and medical history. If you are diagnosed with low Testosterone, then Testosterone Replacement Therapy
(TRT) is often recommended to restore optimal T levels in an adult male.

While we have helped men achieve optimal health through medical science for over a decade, we would like to share the best ways to improve T levels naturally.

We will also discuss instances in which medical treatment via TRT may be the best option.

Limiting factors that may lead to hormonal imbalances

The human body has an impressive internal network of systems that work together through childhood and puberty to help provide the body with what it needs to perform correctly as an adult.

However, as we age, our bodies may become limited by factors such as environment, habits, nutrition, other lifestyle causes, or even medical issues.

Increasing Your Levels Naturally

The natural production of Testosterone is key to the overall health of an adult male, and studies have shown the generational decrease of T levels in men every year amount to a 1% decrease per year.

Foods and Supplements

Foods like leafy green and cruciferous vegetables high in Zinc and Magnesium help promote your natural production of Testosterone. Proteins like Salmon, Tuna, bison beef, organic pasture-raised eggs, and grass-fed beef are suitable for T production.

Read about the top foods and supplements that help your body’s natural T production. 

Factors Limiting Natural Production of Testosterone

The key factors behind T level decreases include negative environmental, nutritional, lifestyle, and medical aspects.

One environmental and nutritional reason doctors have warned against that may have led to the decrease of T levels in men is the increased use of pesticides in foods.

Read what the medical studies say on the generational decrease of T levels in men. 

Optimizing Your T Levels with TRT

A Long-Term Strategy: Natural T Boost and TRT

A clear winning strategy for most men wanting to acheive long-term health success and optimal levels of T is to incorporate a combination of expert medical treatment for a Low-T diagnosis, along with as many lifestyle and nutritional improvements to help promote the natural production of Testosterone, while receiving close monitoring of your health and progress.

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