Testosterone Benefits Week: Cognitive Performance from TRT

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In the first of our Testosterone Benefits Month series of blog posts, we’ll go over the cognitive benefits of testosterone supplementation. For many men experiencing the signs of aging, testosterone replacement (see our TRT services in Miami) can mean the difference between a myriad of symptoms that lead to a bad state of physical and mental health, to a better quality of life which you and your loved ones will enjoy.

If you’ve ever watched the 2011 Scifi/Thriller movie starring Bradley Cooper called “Limitless”, you noticed the breakthrough transformation of a marginally-employed writer with signs of depression and lack of motivation, turned into a highly successful investor that seems to be at the peak performance of every area of his life, this was due to a street drug that allowed him to use all of his brain instead of just 20%.

Will testosterone provide the same breakthrough cognitive performance that will allow you to have a superhuman mind? Very unlikely. But healthy levels of testosterone are proven through legitimate studies to provide a higher level of brain function, including memory improvements, and a healthier brain tissue.

One study from Harvard Medical school points to the key associations between healthy levels of testosterone and higher cognitive performance for men, as well as the lower cognitive performance for men with low testosterone levels.

Harvard Study on Testosterone and Brain Function Explained

Testosterone Decrease Linked to Memory Loss

In 2008 Harvard Medical School reported about the mental function improvements testosterone provides.

The study found that higher levels of testosterone is linked to better memory performance among aging men, as well as decreased memory for men with lower levels of testosterone. Middle-aged men with higher levels of testosterone have better-preserved brains in some parts.

Lastly, older men with higher levels of testosterone (healthy range) performed better at cognitive performance tests than those with lower levels.


Too Much Testosterone?

While exceedingly high levels of testosterone may be harmful, it’s important to receive any kind of testosterone replacement therapy from a medical doctor that specializes in hormones. Our own Dr. Herrera is a board-certified medical doctor with decades of experience and specialty as a hormone health expert.

Testosterone: Cognitive Benefits

  • Better focus
  • Sharper memory
  • Better Mood
  • Improved confidence
  • Better self-esteem

How to get your Teststerone Levels Checked and How to Start Treatments

If you think you or someone you know may benefit from getting a low-testosterone test with a complete hormonal blood panel, and getting on a Testosterone Replacement program, please contact our Kendall or Coral Gables office. Even if you’re not in the Miami area, we can provide you with telemedicine services which include a remote consultation with our Medical Doctor, close monitoring, and have the medications shipped to you.

Whether you live near Miami and want to visit one of our Miami locations, or would like to sign up as a telemedicine patient, the first step toward improving your testosterone levels is to get checked for Low-T with a hormonal blood panel.

Next, you’ll go over the results with our testosterone specialist Dr. Herrera, and get a personalized treatment plan that best fits your needs.

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