Why Follow-Up Blood Tests are Important for Hormone Optimization

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Getting your hormone levels checked and optimized has gotten a lot easier over the years. There are over 20 clinics in South Florida specializing in Hormone Therapy and many other hormone replacement and testosterone clinics outside of the Miami area that can also provide telehealth.

But what is the most essential and overlooked part of a hormone optimization program? Follow-Up Appointments and regular bloodwork.

Routine bloodwork and follow-up consultations with a hormonal health specialist are essential to the success of your program. Follow-up bloodwork ensures your hormone optimization moves in the right direction, and you can detect any issues early on.

What’s a Follow-up Blood Test for an HRT Program

You can do a follow-up blood test at one of our two South Florida HRT clinics, or if you can’t visit our locations, we can send you a requisition form.

You can take this form to a medical laboratory for us to receive the results.

Why is a follow-up blood test necessary?

Follow-up visits are an essential part of the medical experience for patients.

Patients who get medical procedures done or start on a new prescription protocol are always required to attend a follow-up visit.

Similarly, follow-up visits are vital to ensure your overall health is optimal when you start a hormone replacement or testosterone replacement program.

The doctor will review your lab results and make any adjustments necessary.

Who should do a follow-up blood test?

All patients on a hormone replacement or testosterone replacement therapy program should do a follow-up blood test at least every 12 weeks.

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