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 Have you ever wondered why it’s impossible for you to lose weight?

You’ve eaten properly, exercised, hired a personal trainer, bought weight loss products, and joined countless weight loss programs, but nothing seems to be working.

Don’t be fooled by companies that sell hCG products. They aren’t doctors and it can be very dangerous. It is highly recommended that you get the right hCG Diet mix based on your blood work and progression throughout a customized program.

We have enough confidence to say that even after all the methods you’ve tried failed, Body RX can still help you. We evaluate your body and find out what’s causing the problem. Then we come up with a solution that would only work for you. We monitor your body with certified doctors and make sure you’re progressing well.

You only need to come to our clinic in Miami once to get your blood work done. After that, you’ll have doctors who will personally guide you throughout your weight loss venture.

Products come as injectables, pills or creams, all supervised by our clinical staff.

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