lipo-b fat burning shots being administrered to patient in miami clinic

Lipo-B Fat Burning Shots

Burn fat quickly with our lipo-b fat burning shots available at both of our Body RX locations. These fat burning shots contain a cocktail made up of B-Complex vitamins and minerals which help your body burn stored fat and increase energy levels. They can be taken as needed individually, or as part of a medical weight loss program supervised by our board-certified hormone specialist, Dr. George Herrera, M.D. 

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    Lipo B Fat Burning Shots helped me get the leanness I've struggled to get with regular exercise and diet, thanks!

    Juan P., Pinecrest, FL

    What are Lipo B Shots?

    Natural Fat Burners

    Lipo B Shots are cocktails of specific fat-burning nutrients proven to help quickly remove fat and help provide the energy you need to exercise.

    A cocktail of 5 ingredients proven to burn fat

    Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C all combined to help you improve metabolism, increase energy, and burn fat.

    Safe, medically administered

    Although Lipo B Shots are safe fat burners, you’ll get safe, high-quality medical service at our two clinics staffed by professional medical experts.

    By supplementing the simple MIC concoction with Methylcobalamin, we have come up with a real fat burner plus energy booster.

    Lipo B Side Effects

    One of the things which people should understand is that all medications have their corresponding side effects. Those getting administered with Lipo B injections should expect the following:

    Tenderness, Swelling, Possible Hematoma:

    These are found in the injection site but are normal for all IM (intramuscular injections). If it continues to be reddened and swollen for days after the injection, contact our medical center because it could be infected already. We can help you out with this.

    Gastro-Intestinal Irritation:

    Stomach upset, nausea and even mild diarrhea have been observed in some people who took in lipotropics. This is to be anticipated since the body needs to adjust to the sudden increased levels of vitamins and minerals. Be sure to hydrate all the time in case of vomiting and diarrhea.

    Allergic reactions:

    Itchiness and rashes are very common adverse effects of lipotropics in general. It would be nice if you know you are hypersensitive to something like methionine, for example. It is sulfur-based and quite a few people have sulfa allergies.

    However, if you experience tightening of the chest, difficulty in breathing and wheezing, ask for medical help or give us a call immediately.

    It is very important to tell our physicians about other medications that you are currently taking. Negative drug interactions are very rare with the Lipo B injections, but it could still happen. So it would be safer for you if you were to tell your doctor about this.