Medical Weight Loss Services

Looking to lose weight but tired of risky extreme diets or obscure supplements? Are you wondering how much the cost of medical weight loss is?


Our patients lose weight safely and fast with our expert weight loss doctors at our two Miami locations. Our doctors help identify underlying medical reasons for your weight gain or inability to lose weight, and get you set up with a medical weight loss plan to reach your goals.

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    What is Medical Weight Loss?

    Medical Weight Loss is a term that describes a medically-supervised approach to losing weight focusing on factors like nutrition, sleep, underlying chronic issues, physical and lifestyle habits, stress management, and nutrient deficiencies.

    This weight loss option is considered much safer than traditional methods of weight loss which may not be as effective and may even be life-threatening.

    🧬 Scientifically-driven and Medically-supervised

    A critical first step in your weight loss journey is meeting with our board-certified Dr. George Herrera and staff to help us get a thorough analysis of any past and current medical conditions, whether chronic or acute, as well as current medications you’re taking. We’ll perform a few tests and help us get a reading of your blood levels, and any deficiencies you may have.

    ❤ Whole-Body Wellness as a Lifestyle

    Our aim at Body RX is for the long-term success of your journey to optimal wellness. Quick weight-loss plans may work in the short-term, but having a trusted partner like Body RX by your side can help you reach lasting wellness milestones you never thought possible. We can help you restore confidence in yourself, maximize your innate healing ability, and we’ll provide the most advanced medical weight loss options to help provide you with a customized program made just for you.

    Maximize Your Chances of Success with Body RX Menu of Services

    When you join our medical weight loss program, you’re trusting one of the leading pioneers in the South Florida medical wellness industry. We not only specialize in helping you reach your weight loss goals, but we also provide a wide number of services including Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Therapy, Micronutrient Testing, and many more services aimed at helping you develop into the best version of yourself possible.

    Medical Weight Loss FAQ

    Who is the ideal medical weight loss candidate?

    While our medical weight loss services are perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight, no matter the gender or age, we highly recommend medical weight loss to any patients that have undergone or are planning on going through an invasive procedure like gastric bypass. Our medical weight loss program has everything you need to not just lose weight, but keep it off, by learning how your body works, what it needs, and how you can live a better overall quality of life.

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