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Available through your IV Therapy treatment

What is MIC? A naturally-occurring tripeptide found inside of almost every cell in the human body with antioxidant characteristics capable of preventing damage to parts of the cell caused by free-radicals, heavy metals, and carcinogens.

What can MIC do for you?

cell protection that glutathione provides

Cell Protection

Fight against Free Radicals

Protection for your cells from free radicals caused by the aging process, bad diet, alcohol and other damaging factors.

strengthen immune system with glutathione

Immune System

Boost immune system by replenishing your cells with MIC

Scientifically proven to help improve autoimmune function for those with MIC deficiency (2)



MIC helps detoxify your organs and renew health

Provide detoxification with one of the most powerful and safe antioxidants

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"BODY RX is what I have been looking for years for my skin problem and other health issues. I have used pills for years to improve my skin complexion but no real changes until just 6 sessions of GLUTATHIONE IV injections at body rx."

H. Ondoua

"At first I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of Glutathione, but after a year of getting monthly glutathione IV therapy treatments at their Kendall location, I can say that glutathione has improved my health and I have no need for the stomach medication I was taking. Thanks!"

J. Torres

MIC Pricing

MIC may be administered as a standalone injection or added to an IV therapy cocktail. For MIC pricing please contact us.

MIC Injections: Giving You a Good Shot at Weight Loss

Statistics state that 50 million people all over the United States go on some kind of weight loss plan or diet every single year. It is quite unfortunate that only a very small number, at least 5%, actually succeed in getting rid of the excess pounds that they have. Because so many go through numerous programs until they find the one that will actually work for them, the weight loss industry earns billions of dollars.

Those who have been trying to lose weight for years probably have heard of Lipotropics. These ‘natural fat burners’ are recommended by medical professionals to be used by people who are 20% over their normal BMI because the excess fat may cause grave health problems such as liver cirrhosis. There are numerous kinds of lipotropics but the most famous is the MIC.

What is MIC-Lipotropics?


MIC specifically refers to Methionine, Inositol and Choline. All these can be naturally found in one’s body. Methionine is an amino acid which helps reduce fat and cholesterol in the body. Inositol is a nutrient responsible for metabolizing fat, allowing it to flow through the bloodstream and distributing it all over the body. Choline is part of the B-complex. Besides being an important vitamin for strengthening one’s immune system, it also prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. According to our researchers, when these are combined in an injectable form, it produces a superb fat burning action.

Injectable MIC: What’s on the Label?


Usually, this weight loss cocktail in a syringe contains 25mg of Methionine, and 50mg each of Inositol and Choline. So that it can be introduced to the body, we mix these three are mixed in sterile water, then adjust its pH by blending in Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide.

Some MIC shots will include other components such as Chromium and Vitamin B12 for extra strength. We have our own variant of the MIC which we have proven to be very effective for weight loss. Like other medications, whether it’s taken orally or by other modes, it is very important to take it at the right time, taking into account the time interval as well.

Our doctors will tell clients that the shots will be given at 2 ml per week dose. The whole regimen will be completed within 8 to 12 weeks, depending on a client’s case. We will also do constant weight monitoring in order to observe the effects of the medications and determine if more shots are required.

Should I Take MIC shots?


As mentioned earlier, our experts recommend this only to individuals who are heavier than they are supposed to be. If you are 20% over your normal BMI or have about 25% body fat, this would be a good medication to take to lose weight.

Be warned though that this would be too risky for people who just want to lose weight but are not in the category just mentioned. Again, it would be best to visit our center first and talk to our professionals to know if you are a candidate for the MIC therapy.

Possible Adverse Effects of MIC Shots


The most common side effects that clients who just received injectable MIC should expect are slight pain and swelling on the puncture site. But that is to be expected and can be dealt with by placing a cold pack on the area for relief.

Our doctors also tell the clients to watch out for nausea, headaches and even upset stomach which may lead to mild diarrhea. But the possibility of experiencing these is very low. That is the main reason why we give the medication in several doses and at a certain time intervals.

Take note that MIC injection is not supported by any scientific evidence of its actual effectiveness for everyone using it. It is also very important to follow a certain diet plan and exercise regimen for maintaining your weight.

The Forerunner in Weight Loss Plans 

When it comes to various anti-aging medications and weight loss programs, we can say that we are still the best in the business. First of all, our products and services have been tried, tested and proven to be very effective. Secondly, our medical professionals are specialists in their respective fields; we can assure amazing results whether it is a simple teeth whitening procedure or more complicated ones like non-invasive liposuction. Finally, and most importantly, we have great passion for our work.

The services that we provide are definitely unsurpassed in Miami and even the rest of Florida. To know more about what we can do for you, visit our medical center at 10261 SW 72 Street Suite C105 in Miami, Florida. You can also call us at 786.899.4514. Either way, you can be sure that our professional staff will be able to accommodate you for a free consultation.

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