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Body RX is one top medical clinics in South Florida for IV Therapy drips, available at both of our South Florida clinics, and available at your location with Mobile IV.

COVID-19 Update

For over 10 years, we’ve helped our patients from South Florida and all over the world live a better quality of life through our wellness optimization programs. Recently with the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve seen a big demand in IV Therapy treatments and our Immune-Boosting Treatments. Rest assured, we are taking every precaution to maximize your safety and are now providing telemedicine, along with continuing to provide Mobile IV treatments.

IV Therapy Treatments Miami, FL

Are you looking for a safe way to optimize or maintain your nutrient levels? Are you experiencing side effects of a hangover and need to recover?

Vitamin IV Drip Therapy, or Vitamin Infusion Therapy, involves the delivery of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream through a vein. Unlike taking vitamins orally which results in limited effectiveness, receiving vitamins and nourishing minerals directly into the bloodstream allows for a higher dosage of vitamins and often provides an immediate effect.

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    Our IV Therapy Cocktail Menu

    Choose from over 24 IV Therapy cocktails designed to help your every wellness need

    Banana Bag / Hangover IV

    Folic acid and 4 key nutrients proven to speed up recovery from a hangover

    Skinny / Lean Drip

    Amino acids that specifically help target visceral fat (abdomen)

    Athletic Performance Boost

    Boost your game with crucial vitamins and minerals that help you gain energy and recover faster.

    PMS Reducer

    Alleviates Pre-Menstrual Symptoms

    Hormonal Balance Adjuster

    Regulates endocrine function to help stabilize hormone levels

    Osteoporosis Therapy

    Designed to aid in mitigation of bone loss

    Lung / Breathing Health

    Promotes optimal lung function and wellness

    Natural Fertility Boost

    Assists your cells which are responsible for fertility

    Wound Healer

    Contains vitamins proven to help speed up the healing process of skin wounds

    CA Blocker Natural

    Helps boost the body's ability to ward off cancer cell growth

    Iron Booster

    Formulated to help individuals with iron deficiency (anemia)

    Cholesterol Reducer

    Natural Cholesterol Reduction and stabilization

    Liver Shield

    Formulated for maximum liver cleansing

    Digestive / Stomach Issue & Autoimmune

    Helps reduce gastric inflammation and boosts the immune system

    Muscle Recovery / Inflammation

    Ideal for professional and amateur athletes, speeds muscle recovery

    Cold / Flu Fighter

    Packed with nutrients that are shown to help reduce the recovery period from flu & cold

    Mental Focus / Clarity & Calming

    Helps naturally soothe the brain and optimize brain health. (Recommended for Alzheimer's)

    GH Natural Secretion Booster

    Helps stimulate your body's natural production of GH

    Testosterone Natural Booster

    Vitamins combined to help increase natural testosterone production

    Allergy Relief / Seasonal Immune Boost

    Helps provide natural anti-histamine effect to calm allergy symptoms

    Cell Vitality IV

    Restores one of the most important molecules your body rapidly loses with aging

    GAC Cocktail

    Glutamine, Arginine, and Carnitine - Essential amino acids which help stimulate metabolism and accelerate recovery

    Beauty Drip (Anti-aging, Skin Care, Hair)

    Vitamins and minerals proven to help benefit the health of your skin, hair, and nails

    Skin Glow / Lightening

    High dose of the body's master antioxidant for the skin, helps lighten skin tone

    🧬 IV Cocktails for Your Every Need

    We understand the importance of personalized service and at Body RX, your wellness will always be our number one priority. Because of this, we’ve designed IV Therapy Cocktails containing specific vitamin and nutrient combinations with scientifically-proven benefits to help you improve mood, lose weight, feel more energized, recover from a hangover or cold, and even improve your skin. When you call to schedule an appointment, we’ll go over any health issues which may be important to discuss before choosing IV Therapy.

    ❤ More About Nutrients and How Often Should You Take IV Therapy?

    As we age, we begin to notice health vulnerabilities which may be increased by vitamin deficiencies. Nutrients like High Dose Vitamin C have been shown in these studies featured in the National Cancer Insitute to maintain higher levels of Vitamin C in the blood when given through IV than when taken orally, and last for more than 4 hours in the blood. You can make the most out of your own body’s innate healing ability by generously providing a regular amount of vitamin infusions at least 2-4 times a month.

    Choose Body RX and You’ll Love Our IV Therapy

    We source our IV Therapy nutrients from one of the top medical pharmacies providing the best in the industry. We want the absolute best for our patients and always strive for perfection, from the moment you walk into one of our IV Lounges, to the moment our nursing staff starts the IV, we want your experience to be remarkable.

    What is IV Therapy and who is it for?

    IV Therapy, also known as Vitamin IV Drip, refers to the process of delivering fluids of vitamins and nutrients intravenously, with the goal of providing the body with an optimal amount of the infused vitamins. IV Therapy is recommended for persons with a wide variety of symptoms and specific vitamin deficiency needs, as well as any person wishing to increase their vitamin intake intravenously.

    Vitamin IV at Body RX is provided by a collection of over a dozen different IV Cocktails, or vitamin infusions, medically formulated to help you get the most out of your IV Therapy session. We are one of the most trusted and oldest IV Therapy providers in Miami and we welcome you to learn more about us.

    IV Therapy FAQ

    How Long Does it Take to Get an IV Therapy Drip?

    IV Therapy Patients generally spend 20-30 minutes per IV cocktail. Some cocktails may take longer. While you wait, you can relax at our plush IV Therapy lounge seating, with free wifi and entertainment devices available at your convenience.

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