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 Do You REALLY Know About Physical Therapy?

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No, physical therapy is not just some form of exercise routine done in the gym. It’s not something you do so you can lose weight. And it definitely is not just a massage which you can get from your local spa.

This is actually a healthcare profession which involves the diagnosis, examination, and treatment of problems with mobility as well as the functional ability of certain body parts. People who have been paralyzed in the legs after an accident or those who underwent arm surgeries are just some of the patients of physical therapists.

Do You Need Physical Therapy?

No, people who were in an accident aren’t just the only ones who can undergo this procedure. If you are suffering from back pains and this is ruining your ability to work, play or even relax, you should definitely ask for help from a PT as soon as possible.

Those who are suffering from chronic diseases like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), Parkinson’s, arthritis and vertigo should also give this procedure a try. This is also the perfect rehabilitative procedure to restore the basic activities of daily living like walking, talking and eating, especially for individuals who suffered from a stroke or heart attacks.

It would be better to consult your doctor first if you actually need this. If your physician finds that you are a candidate for this treatment, you will probably be sent to a PT who will continue assessment and diagnosis before you receive the actual therapy.

Types of Physical Therapy

There are different kinds of procedures for physical therapy. Each will depend on what you actually need.

The first one and simplest of all is exercise. This may include stretching, walking, jogging, and lifting weights. This type of physical therapy is done primarily to prevent any musculoskeletal problems you may have in the future. Although you can do this at home on your own, you can ask for tips from PTs on how to do these correctly.

Manual therapy, from the word itself, makes use of the hand to achieve the relaxation flexibility and relieve pain. This is very much like massage, except that the practitioner is targeting a very specific part of the body to treat.

There are specialized forms of treatment which physical therapists use on more specific health problems. One good example is vestibular rehabilitation in cases of ear infection and vertigo. This medical therapy may also be used for wound care, urinary incontinence, and lymphatic drainage, among so many others.

At times, certain implements and devices are used to achieve better results. Ice packs may help with arthritis. Hot packs are used to relax muscles and improve circulation. Hydrotherapy, or the use of water, is also a very effective way to relieve pain in certain areas of the body.

Choosing a Practitioner

As mentioned earlier, physical therapy falls under medical care and treatment. Because this is a very popular profession nowadays, and a highly paid one at that, a lot of people may fake their degrees just so they can earn money from this.

First of all, the physical therapist should be a graduate of an accredited program and school. Secondly, the therapist should pass a state licensure examination. It would also be nice to look for a PT who has a Master’s or even a doctorate degree.

Aside from the credentials, you might want to know how long they have been working in this field. If they are well-known in the community, you have nothing to worry about. It would also be better if you ask for a referral from your own physician. Here at Body Rx, you won’t need to worry about a referral since we have the doctors and physical therapist in-house. Yes, just like a one stop shop!

Possible Cost per Session

One session with your physical therapist may amount to $30-$100, depending on the condition of the patient. Obviously, more difficult cases will cost more. Please remember that one session is not really enough to treat your ailments.

But don’t worry about the expenses because you can definitely use your insurance for this. You do have to check with your insurance company and the therapist about the payment.

Why Choose Body Rx Anti-Aging?

We at Body Rx Anti-Aging focus on anti-aging therapies but it is our firm belief that your body is a very important instrument that must work at its optimal level.

If you are suffering from pains and aches and are unable to function as well as you should because of this, give us a try and see what we can do. We understand and see that crossfit gyms are now the new thing. But we make sure to promote safety and the correct positioning when doing these exercises, so you won’t get hurt. Sadly, many young athletes are getting injured quicker, because of wanting to push their bodies to the extreme. We are here to help and make sure they get treated the correct way and go back to their normal routines.

We have some of the best physical therapists in all of Miami. They are all licensed and certified to perform various procedures which can alleviate pain and correct musculoskeletal problems. They are highly knowledgeable and very skilled with physiotherapy. Most importantly, we are very passionate about what we do.

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